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CODE 7: Paige Morgan about Visible Prices

Prices without contexts are just numbers – they are meaningless. The price proportion between different goods changed over time and space constantly. So, what would 3 shillings buy in 1834?
Datum: 31. März 2015 11:52 | Dauer: 0:29:40

CODE 6: Andrew Prescott about Big Data in the Arts and Humanities

Big Data is challenging the humanities in terms of theories and methods. It is not just a question of quantification and data driven analysis, as the aim of Big Data techniques is predictive. But what is Big Data? And is there a »Big Data moment«?
Datum: 30. März 2015 9:30 | Dauer: 0:36:40

CODE 5: Ian Milligan about GeoCities, Web Archives and Digital History

The digital world is changing the way we examine historical developments and societies. What skills, methods and techniques do we need to work with born-digital collections like web archives?
Datum: 27. März 2015 10:46 | Dauer: 0:35:16
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